08.04.2020 07:49:01
Англ. язык 7-9 класс
10 баллов
Rewrite the sentences in reported speech
1.he was studying yesterday. She said...
2.I Will go to the party. He told ME...
3. Mary can't stand mean people. He said...
4. I must call my Sister tomorrow. He said...
5. I dont like cofee. She told ME...
Ирина Каминкова
08.04.2020 20:31:19
1.She said that he was studying yesterday
2.He told ME that he would go to the party
3. He said that Mary couldn't stand mean people.
4. He said that I had to call my Sister the next day.
5. She told ME that she didn't like coffee.
Татьяна Киселева
15.04.2020 16:19:43
Rewrite the sentences in reported speech
6. Please, do ME a favour l. She asked...
7. I have forgotten his number. She said
8. May i sit here? She asked if
9. I have been waiting for ages. She said....
10. Tim works in an office. He told ME...
11. I have been to paris twice. She said...
12. My husband is in Poland. She told ME....
13. I won't do the shopping tomorrow. He said...
14. Neil has already seen this film. She said..
15. Gloria is sitting in her room now. He said.
16. I dont go to parties. She told...
17. I have been working in the garden. She said.

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