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Англ. язык, 10-11 класс
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27.05.2020 07:58:19
а)conform, б) rebel, в) express, г) support, д) reject, е) value, ж) behavior, з) society, и) fashion, й) attitude, к) violent, л) appearance

Punks' life is connected with their main slogan: "The is a large pig farm, and we are pigs". Punks…1… against the society and against older generations. Punks say: "No!" to any laws, sometimes it seems they …2… everything what other people believe in, for example punks don't be- lieve in good future. Punks don't follow any …3… standards. Their lifestyle is too liberal, they don't …4… any so- cial norms and laws. Of course, punks are not so .5. as, for example, groups of skinheads. But punks" …6…often shock ordinary people, because of drinking alcohol in the streets, wearing skies in summer (as a symbol of a protest) and doing other strange things. Punks … 7 … towards the world is rebellious, they often want to destroy the world. Punks don't ...8… life, and death is often one of the main aim for them. Many punks wanted to die, because of drugs. Their music is aggressive, they sang about being independent, free love, taking drugs and the like. Punks try to ...9… their identity and show what they are, wearing dirty clothes. The main el- ements of their …10… are clothes of bright colors and metal chains. Their ...11… is terrible for us - dirty clothes, dirty hair and the like. I think young people today will not ...12… their lifestyle, because the main things for youth nowadays are getting high education, having a high-paid job and a good family.
Англ. язык, 10-11 класс
20 баллов
25.05.2020 18:03:28

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